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Greenpeace protestors arrested for anti-APEC message on Newcastle coal ship; 10,000 expected to attend largest Sydney rally

Posted by gmarkets on 3 September, 2007

Greenpeace protestors were arrested for painting a two-metre high anti-APEC message on the side of a coal ship moored in Newcastle, reported The Sydney Morning Herald (3/9/2007, p.6). Sydney security: Other daily protests were planned for the week, culminating on Saturday when about 15,000 demonstrators were expected in Sydney. Some 500 prison beds have been freed-up for possible arrests in APEC week. Over the weekend, a concrete reinforced fence, 2.8 metres high, was erected across Sydney’s central business district and a new $2 million early warning emergency system was trialled. Prime Minister John Howard said that if people didn’t threaten violence, the measures wouldn’t be necessary.

Big protests expected: NSW Premier, Morris Iemma, said that about 3500 police officers, including riot police, would be patrolling over the next week. In Newcastle, Greenpeace protestors painted “Australia Pushing Export Coal” on the side of the ship, and unfurled a banner written in Chinese, saying that Australia and the US were making attempts to undermine the Kyoto Protocol. About 10,000 people were expected to turn up to the largest protest on Saturday morning, organised by the Stop Bush Coalition. The coalition, which had counter-APEC events planned for almost every day this week, insisted the march would be peaceful, but has already accused police of refusing to meet them to discuss the protest and of being unreasonable in not approving their proposed route.

Socialists, students and wharfies: The march was being supported by the Socialist Alliance, and student group Resistance, which was also planning a “Walk-out Against George Bush” march on Wednesday. The Maritime Union of Australia was planning a rally, but no march, in Hyde Park for Friday.

The Australian Financial Review, 3/9/2007, p. 6


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