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Gorgon WA CO2 dump, energy efficiency, nuclear power the way to go, Chevron chief and APEC sponsor, tells APEC leaders

Posted by gmarkets on 3 September, 2007

Efficiency was the world’s cheapest and most plentiful form of new energy, wrote Dave O’Reilly, chair and chief executive of Chevron, in The Australian (3/9/2007, p.16). “The US National Petroleum Council (NPC) study concluded that new technologies could improve US vehicle efficiency 50 per cent by 2030 and appliances such as refrigerators more than 20 per cent. A 40 per cent improvement in efficiency in developing Asia would save roughly 10 per cent of global energy consumption. We also need to integrate more alternative and renewable sources into the supply mix and continue to develop nuclear power.

Talks-up Gorgon WA CO2 dump: “The second pathway to overcoming our energy challenges is through the development of new technologies that can help the world expand its energy supply while reducing its environmental footprint. To cite a few examples, in Australia, Chevron is working with its partners on a massive carbon sequestration project at Gorgon, off the northwest coast of Western Australia. This technology, which would allow carbon to be captured and stored underground, holds the potential to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of oil, coal and natural gas.”

The Australian, 3/9/2007, p. 16

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