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Economic development in China’s Guangdong province partly responsible for 30cm sea level rise by 2050; 1200 square km flooding may include major hubs

Posted by gmarkets on 3 September, 2007

Meteorologists in Guangdong, the coastal province neighbouring Hong Kong which had led China’s manufacturing boom, estimated sea levels could rise by 30 centimetres by 2050, reported The Sydney Morning Herald (1/9/2007, p. 17). Environmental cost of economic development – major hubs at risk: A rise of such proportions could lead to more than 1200 square kilometres of the province being flooded, the report by its weather authority said. Worst affected would be the major hubs of Guangzhou, the provincial captial; Zhuhai, which borders Macau; and Foshan, home to a vast range of factories including several of those caught up in the recent safety recall by the US toy company Mattel. Du Raodong, a weather bureau scientist, told the China Daily that southern China was warming more quickly than the rest of the country, partly due to its economic development, which had come at the expense of its land resources and led to the production of many industrial pollutants.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 1/9/2007, p. 17


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