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Australian PM wants APEC summit to override Kyoto Protocol on climate change and create alternative involving developed and developing countries

Posted by gmarkets on 3 September, 2007

John Howard wanted next week’s heavyweight APEC sum­mit to override the Kyoto Proto­col on climate change, according to The Daily Telegraph (28/8/2007, p.8). Howard wants new deal: Howard believed the meeting of 21 national leaders should create an alternative involving developed and developing countries. He described the Kyoto Protocol as a flawed and ineffective response to climate change because many countries were exempted.

PM: 40pc of GHG come from exempt states: “APEC economies that do not have obligations to limit their emis­sions under the Kyoto Protocol account for almost half of GDP in APEC and at least 40 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions,” the Prime Minister told the Lowy Insti­tute in Sydney.

APEC includes all top energy users: APEC members account for 60 per cent of the world’s energy demand, which was expected to dou­ble by 2030, and included the world’s three biggest energy users — the US, Russia and China.

Labor wants Kyoto ratification: Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd also wanted the summit to strength­en measures on climate change but he based this on Australia endors­ing Kyoto.

The Daily Telegraph, 28/8/2007, p. 8

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