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APEC’S Sydney defence: military control of 45km airspace zone; lethal force approved to shoot down off-route civilian pilots

Posted by gmarkets on 3 September, 2007

An HA-18 Hornet buzzed central Sydney 31 August as authorities warned lethal force could be used against errant aircraft during the APEC summit. Brigadier Andrew Smith said civilian pilots should be aware they would need a permit to enter the temporarily restricted airspace over Sydney during the September 2-9 summit, reported The Canberra Times, (30/8/2007), p. 8.

Five km security fence locks Sydney: A security fence, taking in part of lie city’s CBD designed to withstand a “vehicle borne improvised explosive device”, would be erected over four days starting from Saturday, police said. NSW Police Superintendent Peter said the fence around parts of central Sydney would be “built to withstand vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices, person-borne improvise) explosive devices, it is also there to be a transport corridor for motorcades”.

Australian Defence Force troops control city:

• In the restricted wharf area, Australian Defence Force troops put on a display 31 August of searching cars for hidden bombs while navy clearance divers checked the surrounding water.

• INIAS Yana, a coastal minehunter which will patrol the harbour during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, passed by the wharf where the NSW Police Force’s new mesh-clad portable prisons were also put on display for the first time. Each bus had a barred cell in the rear. NSW Police Minister David Campbell said, “They have got two roles. “One is that they will be used to transport police but equally if there are arrests, and I hope there are no arrests, then people can be transported away from a scene and back to a police station to he charged.” Campbell said about 1500 Australian Defence Force members would play a role in ensuring security for the summit.

NSW Police, Defence Force share power: Authorities signed a memorandum of understanding 31 August which formalised the sharing of security operations between NSW Police and the Australian Defence Force. “The ADF, under the MoI, don’t have a role as an aggressor and I trust that police won’t he required to be aggressive,” Campbell said.

Heavy control planned for protests: Attorney-General Philip Ruddock said anticipated protests should not be allowed to overshadow APEC’s agenda items, which include climate change, energy and also privacy issues.

The Canberra Times, 30/8/2007, p. 8

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